Ms. & Miss B.


Together we are an extraordinary duo and promise to do extraordinary things.


BLANKSTEIN’S Beauty&Style is a image consultants company, which was started by two fierocely passionate young ladies, an Entertainer and an artist – who noticed a gaping void in the landscape of fashion and styling in two different country.

“We are sisters but we come like a pair – two points of view that almost always differ but when brought together; they result in something truly fabulous. We go by Josephine Blankstein and Elizabeth Blankstein.

Josephine Blankstein |

National Taiwan College of performing Arts and Christ College Grad with a degree in Theater Art. In other different Country College of Cosmetology Grad with a Certificate and Diploma in Education and cosmetology. Also,I’m a License professional holder in Cosmetology and Education Instructor too.

Until now more than 15 years of experience accumulated under the spotlight, I still adhere to the concept, regardless of the type of beauty and style, be sure to keep the most primitive childlike, pure without distortion.

I remember when my grandfather was alive, he told my mother: We predict that this girl will grow up to be a teacher, or else a movie star. Really, I have done it! I believe that the uniqueness of a person is born, as long as people go through visionary pondering, your beauty will be seen by everyone.Till this day I live by this statement and our brand aesthetics’ clearly represent this It is not whom you are wearing but how you are wearing.

My true calling has always been fashion and paving new ways in the world of style,I am an Entertainer (actress)& Makeup stylist that have been acting & styling in Fashion and Entertainment Industry since the age of fifteen,so knows how to work with any kinds of brand,producer,director,PR and fashion professional people,which set the groundwork for the birth of our brand name “BLANKSTEIN’S”

Elizabeth Blankstein |

My name is Elizabeth Blankstein, aka PurpleMonster. Born into the nature of a wild child, eager to push for limits and a slogan of ‘no barcodes allowed’. I believe that theres something magical in everyone but every so often we turn blind to what makes us sparkle deep down. It isn’t about who you wear or what he/she is wearing on the cover of x-y-z magazine. Its how you wear your confidence and package what is precious in order to amplify whats absolutely stunning. I’ll admit, I once was that girl chasing trends and wanting to look just like everyone else because it was the “in look”, but over the years I grew tired. To my surprise, the day when I stopped following and went with my instincts, everything fell right in place. I was able to regain my true confidence, one which no one can take away because I created my own image by believing what felt natural inside out.

As long as I could remember, I have always been passionated about dancing and the spot lights at performances; and with that comes the need for costume creativities whenever a performance was around the corner. As a dancer/choreographer, there comes a time when we used to say “when you try something new that feels different than what your body is used to; its a good thing because the birth of something unique was created”. The same exact concept comes hand in hands with how I feel about styling. There comes a time to step out of our comfort zone to experiment while keeping what is unique about our own individuality. You’ll be surprised find what you might LOVE and become.

Growing up I spent half of my childhood with my sister and the other off in the States without her. We’ve learned and shared our differences both style and culture; and to our advantages we were able to embrace both sides of the spectrum. Our mother used to run a high fashion boutique store so growing up I was always surrounded by all types of styles in clothing and women. Blessed with the exposure of both fashion and leading trends of my sisters style as she pursued her career in the entertainment industry; I was able to gain my knack for clothes and styles at a young age.

Beauty and fashion is like drawing on a canvas with unknown textures. You can never assume what will always work because it may catch you by surprise. The same standard goes in hands with my passion to creating something beautiful and empowering for anyone that comes through my door step. Being a true Sagittarius, my bluntness makes me that real girlfriend who isn’t afraid to express the truth, but will always follow with a result to create a heart stopping unicorn in the end.




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